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Lesson 06 - It's Time To Try Your Wings!

Read the Epilogue aloud. It was written to emphasize the importance of encouraging one another as you complete this study.

For the past several weeks, I've given you specific instructions to follow as you work through the Creative Response section of this study. I've asked you to try creative activities you may not think you will enjoy doing.

Now, we're going to cut the cord! For this final lesson, you will have the freedom to create your memory prompt, using any method you want!

Feel free to continue to experiment!

Continue to help each other learn new techniques!

If you've been relying on your leader to provide you with the materials you need to explore the creative possibilities we've experimented with, now it's time for you to take ownership of your creative endeavors.

So, for the remainder of the time you meet together, plan to bring your own gel pens, paper, and whatever else you think you'll need.

If you have any new insights or discover any new techniques, please share them with your group!



Give each member of your group a copy of the "Weaving a Web" template (Click Here to download this template), and instruct them to choose a verse they memorized as the key verse. Give everyone at least 30 minutes to add other related verses they have memorized, as well as new related verses they may want to memorize in the future. Click Here to download an example of a completed web.

After the allotted time, ask members to share a new verse they found or a new insight they gained from this exercise.

Finally, ask each member to share a memory prompt she has created during the course of this study.



Now, it's time to encourage the members of your group to do their own thing!

Give these instructions to your group:

This week, during Creative Response, you’ll have the freedom to create any kind of memory prompt you want. If your method requires some preparation (taking photos, choosing an image, etc.), do the preparatory work ahead of time so that you can bring your memory prompt to the Bible study to continue to work on it.

Use your time together this week to work on a memory prompt of your verse, using any method you wish.

Keeping in mind the design principles we talked about, make a memory prompt of your verse for this week, using any method you wish:

· Doodle a diagram.

· Draw a picture.

· Take a photo.

· Design a typographic version of your verse, or

· Use colored pens to create a design by repeatedly writing the verse.

Think of your time together as a way to enjoy the fellowship of the members of your group, while you’re working on your own Scripture memory project.

This is also a good time to teach each other and to help each other work through any technical or creative difficulties.

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