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Lesson 04 - Two Tactics for Tactile Learners

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

The Creative Response options for this lesson are great for tactile learners, but even if you're not a tactile learner, these tools will help you meditate on a verse as you begin to memorize it!



Use the “prayer coloring” method I described in Chapter 5 to create a memory prompt by writing your verse over and over again to color an image.

Click here to see some examples of prayer coloring on my Pinterest page, along with more information about how to do it.

Write your verse on the margin of the paper so that you can refer to it as you fill in the design. Your handwriting should not be legible, just fill in every white space with letters, even if you have to scatter a word over several different areas.

I've provided an assortment of coloring pages for you to download here:

or you can choose your own coloring page from a variety of websites on the Internet.

You can print out some of the designs from the link provided above, or, you ask members of your group to bring their own coloring pages.

When you finish, take a photo of your art or scan it on your printer to create a digital version. You can transform your masterpiece into a set of memory prompts by adding text with a font app on your phone.

What you will need for this option:

  • Copies of coloring pages

  • Gel pens



Create a typographical design of your verse. Think of which words in your verse are the most important to you, and emphasize them by making them bigger, by using a different writing style, or by using a different color.

You may want to re-arrange the words in the verse to emphasize your key words. Do whatever makes sense to you.

Below are a few examples of this kind of design.

What you will need for this option:

  • Paper

  • Gel pens or markers

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