• Carrie McFerron

Do You Know About the Popsicle Principle?

Have you ever been frustrated by trying to figure out how much of a passage you should memorize?

Here's an excerpt from my book that gives you a tip for how (or whether) to memorize more than one verse at a time:

When I was growing up, Popsicles came with two sticks. (I’m not sure they even make them like that anymore.) As an only child, I assumed the two sticks were intended to give you a better grip on the frozen treat.

One day, when I was six or seven, I went to a friend’s house after school, a friend who had lots of siblings. After playing outside for a couple of hours, we were hot and thirsty.

My playmate’s mother asked if we wanted a Popsicle. When we eagerly nodded, she took just one of the desserts out of the freezer, broke it in the middle, and gave a half to each of us. I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

Sometimes there are a couple of verses that just naturally go together, kind of like that Popsicle. You can break them apart and memorize them separately, but they are so much better together. When that’s the case, go ahead and memorize them as if the verses were just one long verse, with a single memory hook and memory prompt for both. Don’t split up your Popsicle, if you don’t have to!

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