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What Makes You Joyful?

Is there an activity you really enjoy?...Something you try to make time for, and look forward to doing?

Maybe it's calligraphy or photography...Or maybe it's a physical activity, like hiking.

God has given me a heart for helping women to find ways to link the activities that give them joy to Scripture memory.

I believe God can use those pursuits you love to help you memorize His Word.

Do creative activities intimidate you?

I get it!

You may start comparing your attempts to others and get discouraged, but we're each creative in our own unique ways. My book is designed to help you find your creative joy so that you can use it to memorize Scripture.

Here's the thing...being creative and being artistic are not the same!

Being creative simply means you have found a method for doing something that works for you!

I'm not an artist in the usual sense.

Really! I can't draw a stick!
As an attorney, journalist, and professor, my education and professional life has been much more analytical than artistic. I've experienced the same intimidation most of us feel when we are presented with an artistic challenge. So, I know first-hand how scary it can be when those of us who are “mere mortals” attempt to express ourselves creatively.
I also understand the frustration of working hard to learn Scripture, only to have the verses disappear from memory within a few weeks.
Using methods I developed as an award-winning teacher, I have devised a strategy for making Scripture memory joyful, but effective.
After years of failed attempts to memorize God’s Word, I've found a way to learn Scripture through creative expression. By regularly memorizing the Word, I now have a growing library of Bible verses readily accessible anytime I need them!

When a friend texts me with an urgent prayer request, I can immediately respond with a verse I've memorized to help bring comfort. When an issue arises during the day, I can assess how I should respond, based on the Scripture I've memorized. As I pray for myself and others, I can pray God's Word back to Him, or I can take time to simply meditate on a well-known verse to gain more insight. Scripture memory has immeasurably enriched my spiritual life.
I want to help women to learn more about God through Scripture memory because a woman who knows God's Word can have a transformational effect on those around her.

That’s why I want to share my techniques with you!